my journey through the loss of my first son and the life of my second

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 weeks later...

5 weeks ago I held my baby boy. I kissed my baby boy. Today I will write about my baby boy and my journey without him. I hope this blog will help on my road to recovery. I hope it will bring me relief as my heart has been broken. I am not the same woman I was five weeks ago. I am forever changed. I am forever a mother. I am forever a mother whose son is in heaven. I know I will hold him again. I know I will see his sweet face again. I know that Jesus had a reason for all of it. I hope and pray that as you take this journey with me you will pray for healing, you will be inspired, and above all that we will praise God in everything.


Terra said...

What tremendous faith you show in the midst of your sorrow! Love you girl!

andrea said...

I am still so sorry for your loss, I couldnt imagine going through what you went thru and still go thru. You have your own little angel to watch over you and your family now. I know he will help you in the best ways he can. I think the blogging is a very good idea! I will keep up wit it too :)

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