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Thursday, April 22, 2010

26 random factiods

In hopes of not making every single post negative, sad, depressing,and/or bitching about how my life sucks I thought I would copy the idea of another blog who did the ABC's of me. Maybe it will let you know me a little more than just reading about my issues with death.


A - a big family - I come from A big family
B - Baptist - my current church home 1st Baptist, Midland, Texas
C - chapstick I AM ADDICTED!! I do not leave the house EVER without at least one tube with me. I have it at all times...and it MUST be strawberry chapstick brand...NOTHING else
D - duke and two little dogs...i love them!
E - every single day I wish my life were different
F - failure - I am trying to take this word out of my vocabulary when I describe myself and making babies...but, sometimes it just seems fitting
G - gum - I HATE GUM!!!!! I hate seeing people chew it, I hate smelling it, I hate seeing it spit out after someone has chewed it. I HATE HATE HATE IT!!!!
H - haircut - Ken really needs one right now and I can't get him to go!
I - iceberg - that is how I feel lately. You meet me and have no idea that so much pain hides know you see 10% of the iceberg and the rest is underwater!
J - july 4th - my favorite holiday
K - kenneth wayne - the love of my life
L - love love love coffee!!!
M - milk = allergic! I have been since I was a child.
N - no day goes by I don't cry for him
O - ovulation never seems to be my friend!
P - people amaze me
Q - quiet time is important to m
R - reservations - I love when Ken makes us reservations...for anything hotels, flights, restaurants...I love to travel!!
S - sun - I love being in the sun...but, my skin hates it!! I am fair skinned and burn faster than I can even get the sunscreen on!!
T - Trenton James
U - undeserving of the love that people have given me over the last 3 months
V - very sure God has a plan for me and I don't understand it
W - wedding planner - if I could do anything else in my life and make money at it I would be a wedding planner!! I love love love weddings!
X - ken and I moved to teXas a little over a year ago from Daytona Beach, Florida
Y - yearn - I yearn to be a mommy of a child on earth!
Z - zippo - I bought Ken a zippo lighter 2 years ago and he still has never put fluid in the thing ;)

There you have it..something a little different today.


Anonymous said...

for me it's not chapstick - it's Blistex. Blistex is Bliss for me. And I burn before I can even get sunscreen on too - but I just spend my life in long sleeved shirts and hats. Nice to know a little more about you! xo

littleharves said...

its paw paw cream fro my lips haha, and i am sure you are very deserving of all the love that has been shown to you, big hugs xxx anne

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