my journey through the loss of my first son and the life of my second

Thursday, April 15, 2010

for better or worse

Oh how I wish I could have known how "worse" the "worse" was going to be.

I married my soul mate 4 and a half years ago. I married the man God created for me. But, there was no way to know what was coming on our journey. Ken and I have been through a lot of heart ache and pain in those 4.5 years. But, we have stayed beside each other. There was no way to prepare for this kind of pain. "for better or worse" ... such simple words ... but, oh the power of them now. We have had many many "better" times. But, this event shawdows them now. I have a hard time remembering what they were like. I figure if we can survive the loss of our first born son ... we can survive anything. I love that Ken holds me and just lets me cry. I love that he lets me grieve. I love that he tells me I don't have to just get over it. I love that he loves me even though I lost my son. I love him for letting me lay on the couch on those days that I just can't get up. I love him for the weeks I just can't do the laundry because I can't get out of bed. I love him.


Antoinette said...

May god continue to bless you and your husband with love and strength as we try to make sense and live with this heartache(((hugs)))...thank you for your words they meant a lot

lis said...

what a beautiful bride you made!
the love you have for each other is inspiring :o)
happy anniversary xoxo

Anonymous said...

He sounds like such a lovely man. What a beautiful wedding photo of you two!

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