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Thursday, May 13, 2010

a new place

SO, we started the move to our beautiful new town house yesterday! It is an exciting time. New beginnings and all...

I had a neighbor kid come up and introduce himself. I said hi and told him we were Ken and Trisha. My next thought was, "and this is our son Trent." I should have been able to say that. He should have been sitting in his car seat. He should have been there. I couldn't help thinking when I put boxes in the 2nd bedroom how we should be unpacking diapers and a crib. But, all of those things are put away in storage.

I have cried so much this week. Even with all the good it still hurts SO very much.

I wish I knew how to make it not hurt so much.


klarsen said...

Congratulations on your new home, Trisha! So sorry it is bittersweet. So many things are. So many things. xxx

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Enjoy your new home. That 2nd bedroom WILL be a nursery someday!

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