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Friday, May 28, 2010


When I first got pregnant with Trent I rented a storage unit. Ken and I were in a tiny apartment and I wanted space for baby stuff!! I haven't been there in months. After the baby died I called Ken's aunt and cousin to clean out our apartment of baby items. They took most of it to their storage unit. But, I had some in my car, some in closets they didn't see, and some at work. Ken put it all in storage after we got back home.

I am sure you can see where I am headed with this...I went there today. I needed to drop some stuff off. OH to see all that baby stuff...just sitting there. Not being used. My heart broke into a million pieces all over again.

My sisters are coming to visit us here in Texas in just a few weeks. Bridget, 16, will be staying with us for 23 days!! Cassie and Alex, who are the parents to Aubree Lynn, born one week after Trent will be here for eight days. Aubree will be coming with them (of course) so, I plan to pull the pack-n-play, bumbo, the diapers, baby wash...all the stuff a baby needs when she stays with you for eight days. I couldn't do it today. I will try again this weekend. It was so hard just to see it all there. I am so looking forward to meeting Aubree...but, I know it will be oh so hard!! Cassie and I were pregnant at the same time and planned to raise our kids together.

Who knew a storage unit could bring so much pain?


lis said...

i read this post the other day on my blackberry and i just got around to coming and leaving you a comment. i know how you feel - and im so very sorry. i wish my words or something in this world could bring you comfort.


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