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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


6 weeks pregnant today...

it is so strange to be counting again...

I mean counting in a good way.

I had a lot of people ask why I went ahead and shared the news we were expecting...instead of waiting. Why not? I kept it to myself for a few days and then realized how unfair it is to this little sprinkle (at six weeks my baby is the size of a sprinkle on an ice cream sundae) to hide it. Yes, we have been through a very tramautic loss this year.

Trent will always be our first born son. We will miss him every single day. Our family will never be complete. He will be missing from every family picture, memory, moment, everything!!

I am beyond blessed to be carrying this rainbow!!

I had bad news from the doctor progestrone levels are low. My beta/HCG levels were great but the progestrone was low. They started me on progestrone suppositories yesterday. I am praying they do the trick. I know how devastating loss is...I just don't want to live it again.

Hang on my little sprinkle!!!


lis said...

i think the progesterone may be just what you needed!
grow, sprinkle, grow!

and i agree in telling. i waited with my girls and where did that get us? better to have lil sprinkle get lots of love from the very beginning.
thinking of you, hugs

Heather said...

With my rainbow, I wanted all the prayers and support I could get from day 1, so I, like you, did not wait to share my news at all. Plus everyone knew we were doing an FET, so they would've been wondering. :)
Praying the progesterone suppositories work!

Michelle Karr said...

I will be praying for you levels! I was on progesterone with one of mine. I am glad you told us so that I can pray for you. :)

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

When is he re checking your progesterone levels? How low are they? Advocate for yourself and find out if progesterone shots are a better option. ( you can do them yourself)

Trisha said...

My progestrone was needed to be 10. So, I was not far off the mark. They took blood again this morning so I am waiting for the results!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

I bet the added progesterone will do the trick!

Matthew's Heavenly Home said...

It is so good that they are keeping an eye on your levels!! I am SO with you on sharing the news ASAP!! You need the support of family and friends and their prayers all the way! To me, it seems cynical and terrible to hold the are growing a baby, no matter how tiny a sprinkle he/she is and that is news to rejoice about! God bless you!

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