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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ken and I have been trying to pick a name for this little one for a few weeks. We have/had decided on Ian for a boy and Jane for a girl. I have not committed fully to either name. I am driving Ken crazy! I lay in bed most nights looking up meanings of baby names. I feel like I want a name that is strong with meaning. We didn't do this with Trent. Ken picked the name and I was in total agreement. I looked up the meaning of Trent today, "journey across." I cried. (nothing new of course, I cry alot) But, did we name him prophetically? I know that is a silly thought. But, maybe just maybe we knew somehow. His name was so fitting. His little life was all about journeying to the other side.

I miss my little boy...


Anonymous said...

You pick a name, and the child makes it what it is. Trent's name would have had a different significance if he was alive today; he gave it its current significance.

Both Ian and Jane are lovely names, but there's other lovely names too! I'm certain whatever you settle on will be special.

Jeff and Allison said...

My favorite aunt's name is Jane and her middle name is Darling. She was born in the 40s and this was a popular name for little girls in the 40s!!

Jamie said...

Oh Trisha, God totally knew what He was doing when He gave Ken that name. You both have certainly been on a journey, and just since reconnecting with you, you seem to have grown so much. Not without growing pains, but you are not letting Trent's short time here on earth happen in vain. Naming is always the first thing I want to do, but we're struggling with a boy name this time around!

Sherry said...

Good luck with the names!

I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award :-) Check out my blog for the details.

michelle hs said...

i absolutely love the name ian! we originally chose it for a middle name with our first son, then named him michael alen (instead of joshua xavier or matthew ian) and we ended up using xavier ian for our stillborn. it's really cool that you found out the meaning to trent's name and it's totally a God thing!!!

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