my journey through the loss of my first son and the life of my second

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


First BIG milestone in this race to bring Ian home is here!

YAY - 20 weeks and 5 days with no complication. I realize it is only 10:19am but, I was admitted to the hospital by, YAY! Praise God for this little miracle and for the miracle of modern medicine that can perform a surgery to keep this little guy inside me!!

I fell much much better today...I had a good cry last night...talked to my mommy...Ken just held me as I bawled...and today I am in good spirits.

I think I will go shopping and buy Ian some fun stuff to celebrate passing this first mark!


Lisette said...

So so happy for you! Indeed you should celebrate. ((HUGS))

Michele said...


Terra said...

Continued prayers and praise His Name for this milestone!

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!! And I'm so glad you're able to be happy about it. These milestones are so difficult, and it's not that you shouldn't remember your darling first son but also that you need to celebrate your second. But I'm not very good at doing that; my head can say it, but my heart can't do it.

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