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Sunday, February 6, 2011


I spend a lot of time lying on my left side. It is supposed to be the best for the, I lay on my left. It is so funny because Ian is most active when I lay that way. Today Ken and I laid down to take a nap and I swear Ian was doing summer-salts. He was not just kicking me but flipping and turning every which way. It is such an exciting time - pregnancy. I am to the point where everything is brand new. I have never been 22 weeks and 2 days pregnant before. I love every second I get to have this little boy with me!

I get all these emails about what I should be doing at almost 23 weeks pregnant. They all seem to include exercise which is out of the question for me and my incompetent cervix...but, this week it said it was time to start getting the nursery ready. I wish I could. I just can't do it. Ken and I opted to wait until 24 weeks to start making any of those major changes in our house. Our current guest room is piled high with stuff I bought for Trent and stuff I have added for Ian. The only "big" purchase I have made is the car seat / stroller combo. I did buy a co-sleeper too. We have a loft that will become the nursery. It is currently Ken's man-cave so that will move downstairs to the guest room. I just don't want an empty nursery. We have agreed we would use our tax return to buy Ian's nursery furniture. Have I finished the taxes???? nope. I am always super fast in doing our taxes because I love to get our is our money anyway so I want it ASAP!! But, this year I have to include a copy of Trent's birth and death certificate. I have them done. I just haven't pulled out his memory box and made copies of his paper work. It should not be this hard!! But, we will get there. I will get the taxes filed. We will buy the nursery furniture. And, the funny thing to me is I am always ready to be organized and prepared. But, I keep thinking I have the car seat and an outfit to bring him home in...the rest can wait. We have a few showers planned for us and I know I will get lots of stuff. It is just the big purchases that scare me. It is not about spending the is about figuring out how to store the stuff if we end up not using it.

We are less than two weeks from viability!!!!!! It is amazing!


michelle hs said...

trisha, i think about you guys a lot! it's so exciting that you are only two weeks from viability, but i think you will make it well past that mark. i believe that you will be bringing ian home! take as much time as you need to get the nursery furniture. you probably won't even use it until he's a few weeks old. hugs & prayers

Michele said...


Lynn said...

Glad Ian was so active for you! It must be amazing to feel him moving around. I can understand waiting on the taxes. Such a difficult time for you...and truly unfair you should have to do it at all. IF is an unfair beast.

I agree you should take all the time you need to get the nursery ready. I know you'll have it done by the time Ian is ready for it.

Huge hugs to you!

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