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Monday, February 7, 2011


I put on my big girl pants and printed my tax return today.

Does it get more depressing than that? Yes, it does but for it to be on an official government document. :(

At least this year his name is there. Next year it will be gone.

None of this journey is easy.


Michele said...

I know... Our 2008 taxes had Nicholas, Sophia, and Alexander's names on it... and now, gone... It hurts. :(

Trisha said...

it is just so unfair!

Lynn said...

I'm so sorry, Trisha :(

michelle hs said...

i'm so sorry! i never got to put xavier's name on a tax return and it was so hard last year, apparently if you are stillborn you don't exist to the government and if you are stillborn before 20 weeks you don't even have to have a death certificate unless your parents choose to bury or cremate you...none of this is fair! i agree 100% that none of this journey is easy!

Anonymous said...

It's so unfair - but for a moment look without the middle column. Officially recognising that you had a son named Trenton James. It's not fair that he's not here, but he's still your son and has still shaped your life. He's been a big brother to Ian, making sure the doctors know what to do to keep him safe. And he's helped you understand how much love exists in the human heart. ((HUGS))

Andrea said...

Yes, those government documents suck. I know the feeling... :(

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