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Thursday, March 31, 2011

high risk

I have had a tooth ache since 13 weeks. It isn't an awful, keep you awake, tear-making tooth ache...just a dull ache that from time to time flares up just a bit. I called my dentist at around 13 weeks to make an appointment and mentioned I was pregnant. They wanted a note from my OB before they would see me. My OB wanted to wait until my cerclage was placed to give me permission to go. So, I put it off. Last week the dull ache was growing to an ache most of the time. I called my OB and he said yes I could go! I called the dentist for another appointment and picked up my permission slip. I waited 45 minutes to be called back to be told I am too high risk to be seen during pregnancy. Really? UGH!

Being a high risk pregnant women is not all bad. I get to see Ian weekly via ultrasound, doctors take every little thing I say or worry about pretty seriously, and of course I am in the doctor's office so much I forget that I don't life there. But, it is hard too. I was talking to my little sister Cassie this week about my gestational diabetes and she said, "Gosh, it wears me out just hearing about your pregnancy!" Yep! It wears me out living through it too!! And, don't get my started on my poor hubby and all the moaning he has to listen too!!

I am 35 minutes away from 30 weeks!!!!! I have set many small goals along the way and 30 weeks was my last MAJOR milestone! There is nothing medically amazing about 30 weeks...I have just had the feeling if I could get to 30 weeks I will be bringing Ian home! And, WE ARE HERE!!!!!!! All my doctor's appointments, all my illnesses, all my issues, being high is all okay because we are in the 30th week!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!! We are in the home stretch and Ian will be here before I know it!

People always tell me that once he is here I will forget how hard this pregnancy was...I really don't believe that! But, I do know it will all be worth it!


michelle hs said...

congratulations on making the 30 week milestone! you may not forget how hard the pregnancy was, but it will definitely be worth it!

Anonymous said...


I think anyone who says once Ian comes you'll forget how hard the pregnany was doesn't really understand. And it won't necessarily be a bad thing to remember what you were brave enough to go through for your son. Bad things in *the past* help us know how strong we are, even if they are difficult to experience.

Mary said...

30 weeks is awesome! :D

Missy said...

I think this is so great...not the not being able to see the dentist part but the 30 weeks part :)
I was just thinking about you yesterday and I was getting scanned and prodded. I was not only celebrating my little sugar but also praising God that Ian is almost here.
10-ish more weeks, Trisha!
Holy Cow.
You are a blessed lady :)
I am praying the last FEW weeks are healthy and happy as you prepare and anticipate!
I can't wait to meet this little guy!

bibc said...

i am so excited for you and i cannot wait to see his picture when you bring him home...SOON!

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