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Thursday, April 28, 2011

May 23

I will be induced May 23, 2011 !!!

That is 25 days from today!!!!

My cerclage will be removed on May 20th and if I don't go into labor naturally over the weekend Monday morning will start the induction!

I can't even tell you how excited I am !!!

25 days until my life changes forever!

25 days!!!!

I was put on full bed rest as of today :( I have been on "modified" bed rest since my cerclage was placed. It just meant I had to be off my feet a few hours a day, no long standing, no exercise, no sex, no lifting, no heavy cleaning. BUT, now it is full on - in the bed all day - bed rest. Why? The doctor wants a full term baby! I can't argue. My blood pressure has been an issue for a number of weeks and with all my complications he says it would be best to stay off my feet for the next three weeks. I CAN get up to shower, make food, and doctor appts. AND, he says if I HAVE to get out of the house once a week or so I can. I can deal with it! I was pretty sure I would be on full bed rest from 14 weeks on ... but I made it to 34 weeks without it!

25 days .... 25 days .... 25 days :)


Terra said...

Less than a month!!! The day you've waited for, for so very long and the day you both deserve more than ever!! Hugs and love!

Sherri said...

How exciting to have your date set! Hope the next 25 days fly by!

Anonymous said...

Blogspot wouldn't let me post the other day so let's see if it works now! HOW EXCITING!! You have a countdown to your cerclage removal and an induction day!! THIS IS SO EXCITING TRISHA!!!

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