my journey through the loss of my first son and the life of my second

Saturday, July 23, 2011

2 months old!

I really can't even believe it! How can my sweet little man be two months old already? Time never stops moving! I can tell you the last two months have been the most amazing of my life. I didn't know the love I would have for such a sweet little thing. It is such a different love than I have for Trent...because with Ian I get to spend every single day with him. I love Trent in a way that is much different. He will always hold a very special place in my heart. I will always miss him. I feel almost guilty for loving Ian as much as I do...crazy I know. I feel guilty if I blog only about him. I am having my blog redone to include Ian in it. I will always blog about the loss and life of Trent...the title "Such a short time, Such a long road" will remain the same. I am changing my tag line to "My journey through the loss of my first and life of my second" - or something like that. I don't want to forget him...but this new little boy is pretty special too! i don't want to start a new blog...I want this to be a place for both of my boys. I know it is silly to even worry about it but this blog was/is one of the most healing things after I lost Trent. But, I want to share about Ian too. I want to be able to look back and remember his journey too. Thoughts??

Okay back to 2 months! July has been busy for our little family! Ian got to meet his grandad this month! He took his first plane ride! He got to meet both of his great grand mothers and lots and lots of other family. It has been a special time. I love everything about him. I try to soak in every single moment with him.

I love to lay his little head on my shoulder and pat him to sleep. I love to hear him breath into my ear as he falls asleep. I love to watch his eyes grow heavy as he nurses. I love the little smiles he has started to give me. I love the way he screams at me when I have to get boogers out of his nose. (Yes, it breaks my heart to make him cry but I have to get the boogers!) I love shower time with him! I love watching him follow the sound of my voice and Ken's voice with his eyes. I love to fall asleep next to him and snuggle. I love to laugh at the HUGE farts and poops this tiny little thing makes! I love taking him out in public and letting people ohh and ahhh over him. I love being his mommy!


Terra said...

Thoughts?? ABSOLUTELY! You write down every thought, every wonder, every bittersweet moment as you both journey with him through life. Indeed it goes TOO fast!! Just the 4.5 years with my two seems like the blink of an eye!!

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