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Monday, December 5, 2011


It seems like not so long ago I was blogging about a snow can read it here...I was fresh out of the hospital from giving birth to Trent and more heart broken than I can truly remember. I do remember writing his name in the snow....that was all I had of him that day. I remember crying at the beauty of it and thinking how I would never share in a first snow of the year with him. Heart breaking still...

Last year during the first snow of the year I was pregnant with Ian. Ken and I got in the car and drove around for hours watching it come down. I cried thinking about Trent. I begged God to let Ian live. I prayed that this year would be different ...

Last night it snowed here :). I love the snow! I love the way it looks as it comes down. I love standing outside and feeling the cold on my face. I love waking up to the world turned white. I love the way the whole town seems to shut down ... Even if just a few inches fall... This year was different

One year and eleven months after I gave birth to my first son...

My sweet second born was here to see it.


Danae said...

I love the look on Ian's face...he looks like he is rather unsure of that white stuff! lol!

I am SO glad it did NOT snow here in Oklahoma! :) You can keep it!

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